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Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Grades 9-10    CHS Graduation: Elective    UC/CSU A-G: “G”    Video Description: Coming Soon

This course is designed to be the first computer science course for students who have never programmed. Students learn Python coding with using Tracy, Robots, and Drones. They explore the impact of computing in society and build skills in digital citizenship and cyber security. Beyond learning the fundamentals of programming, students build computational thinking skills by applying computer science to collaboration tools, modeling and simulation, and data analysis. In addition, students transfer the understanding of programming gained in Tracy to text-based programming in Python and apply their knowledge to create algorithms for games of chance and strategy. Students will also have an introduction to CAD using SolidWorks.

Computer Science Principles

Grades 10-11    CHS Graduation: Elective     UC/CSU A-G: “G”    Video Description: Coming Soon

Using Python as a primary tool and incorporating multiple platforms and languages for computation, this course aims to develop computational thinking, generate excitement about career paths that utilize computing, and introduce professional tools that foster creativity and collaboration. While this course can be a student's first in computer science, students without prior computing experience are encouraged to start with Introduction to Computer Science. CSP helps students develop programming expertise and explore the workings of the Internet. Projects and problems include app development, visualization of data, cyber security, and simulation.


Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science

AP Computer Science

Grades 11-12    CHS Graduation: Elective     UC/CSU A-G: “G”   Video Description: Coming Soon

The curriculum of AP Computer Science in Java is based on the syllabus developed by the College Board. Topics include program design and implementation, algorithm analysis, standard data structures, and object-oriented programming design. ASP Computer Science in Java emphasizes programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithm development. It is intended to serve as introductory courses for computer science majors.

Prerequisite: Computer Science Principles