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Carlsbad High School, one of two comprehensive high schools in the Carlsbad Unified School District, is as deeply entrenched in its community as its name implies. The school opened in 1958, six years after the City of Carlsbad incorporated in 1952.

The inextricably linked roots of both school and community hark back decades.  The school was established in 1882 when Carlsbad by the Sea began to form its reputation as an agricultural community and resort destination.  Carlsbad High School's high-quality education has serviced residents dating back to 1887 when the San Diego Daily Bee announced “fast-growing Carlsbad” for featuring among its amenities “a good school with fifty pupils.”

Carlsbad High is located in what is affectionately called Olde Carlsbad or the northwestern historical heart of the City. Its student population mirrors the demographics of the surrounding community, especially in the various mix of ethnicities.

WASC Report (2023)