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School Safety

For all school safety concerns, please contact

Judi Stapleton, Assistant Principal




Students Speaking Out

Students Speaking Out is a program of San Diego County Crime Stoppers a community-based nonprofit organization (501c3). 

The mission of Students Speaking Out is to empower young people to use their voices to make schools and communities safer. We believe that students can make a difference in bringing an end to senseless violence and dangerous activities that interfere with young people achieving their dreams.

Crime Stoppers

The mission of San Diego County Crime Stoppers Inc. is to partner with local law enforcement agencies, the media, and the public to help solve felony crimes anonymously. San Diego County Crime Stoppers Inc. provides three ways that the public can submit tips anonymously to report on felony crimes; they can submit a tip via our website. Crime Stoppers combats the three major problems law enforcement faces in gathering information; fear of reprisal, apathy, and a reluctance to get involved.

Global Intel

The P3 platform enables the public to share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, schools, and large corporations around the world.  If you have crime or safety related information that may be deemed useful in your community.