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Film Academy

The Carlsbad High School Film Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum designed to fulfill the academic and personal interests of students who want to learn to create film. Film Academy students will write, direct, and produce their own films, gaining important collaborative, cooperative, and creative problem-solving skills. Graduates of the Film Academy acquire a twenty-first-century literacy that includes the ability to successfully employ film to communicate throughout their professional and personal lives.

Film Academy

We are pleased to announce that the Carlsbad High School Film Academy was officially recognized as a Gold-Certified Linked Learning career pathway by the Linked Learning Alliance in 2019. We are honored to be one of only twenty-four programs to have achieved this status and are now among the top 2% of Linked Learning programs in the nation.  Linked Learning Alliance honored our program by presenting us with a 2019 Linked Learning Educator Champion Award.


What is a career pathway?

What are WBLs?

Joining the CHS Film Academy as a sophomore.

Joining the CHS Film Academy as a junior.

How the Film Academy differs from general education?

Who should join the Film Academy?


Film Pathway Map

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