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Absence Policy



Please  leave student’s name, reason and if absence is for full day or specific period(s).

OFF CAMPUS PASS  (Select OPTION 2) Please call before 11:30.

Student must obtain an off-campus pass from the attendance office before leaving for appointment.  Student may do this before school, between classes or lunch depending on time of departure. 

Parent or guardian calls the attendance office in the morning or the night before to give all necessary information for student to leave campus. 

  • Name of student (with spelling)
  •  Time student is to leave
  •  Whether or not student returning to school 
  • Reason student is leaving

Before the student returns to class, the OFF-CAMPUS PASS should be returned to the attendance office for verification and permission to return to class. 


5 Star Digital ID

CHS offers students a free Digital ID through an app called 5 Star. Students can download the 5 Star App by clicking HERE.


Any student leaving campus during school hours must obtain an OFF-CAMPUS PASS from the attendance office BEFORE leaving.  If a student leaves without a pass, a detention will be issued accordingly.  Before the student returns to class, the OFF-CAMPUS PASS should be returned to the attendance office for verification and permission to return to class.


If student is sick and needs to go home, the student will go to the health office during passing time or at lunch.  If the student is sick during class time, the teacher will give the student a pass to go to the health office.  The nurse will arrange for parent approval for student to leave campus and disperse an off campus pass to the student.   Students are not allowed to leave campus without an off-campus pass, either from the health office due to sickness or the attendance office for appointments.  


If the student forgot a binder, project, lunch, ID, wallet, cell phone, etc., parents will have to bring the forgotten item(s) to the student during passing periods ONLY.  The office will NOT HOLD ANY ITEMS FOR THE STUDENTS. The parent will meet the student in the front desk area in order to give the item to the student.

Absence Policy-Spanish