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Photo 1

Grades 9-11    CHS Graduation: Elective     UC/CSU A-G: “F”    Video Description: Promo Video

This course uses digital cameras and the computer as tools to create photographic imagery. Students explore camera controls, principles of composition, and photographic theory and techniques using state-of-the-art hardware and programs. Students learn editing techniques appropriate for print and electronic presentations. The course addresses ethical considerations regarding image manipulation and ownership. Students may use digital camera images, scanned negatives, or slides to produce a final print portfolio.

Photo 2

Grades 10-12

CHS Graduation: Elective 

UC/CSU A-G: “F or G”

Video Description: Promo Video

This course provides students with the opportunity to apply skills acquired in Photo 1 while developing a personal style. It offers a continued study of photographic theory, composition, content development, digital camera/hardware handling, studio lighting, and industry standards for color management and printing techniques. Students explore photography as a visual language and expressive medium, and they observe industry practices through onsite visits to local business, galleries, and service bureaus. The course culminates with the creation and production of a professional portfolio of photographs.

Prerequisite: Photo 1